Stylish and Ergonomic: Luggage Brands Crafting Your Next Travel Experience!

by | Jul 24, 2021

Tired of being locked inside the house? After much heavy lifting for over a year and a half, perhaps you need to put all the work aside for a while, pack your bags, and go to that picturesque destination you’ve been having itchy feet for.

Getting lost in the landscape, mustering up the courage for exhilarating adventures, or eating from that magical place that is miles and miles away from your home are some of the many little dreams that we all want to start living again. So, really, how about you finally put those thoughts into action?

To save you from the painstaking process of looking at the zillion luggage options and to give a kick start to your post-covid travel plans, I have picked a handful of modern luggage brands that will add both style and character to all your travel experiences.

And also here’s a random quote to reinstate how happy I feel to learn about these homegrown brands who go way beyond the conventional options available. Here’s the quote though – “Traveling should be frequent, buying luggage should not!” *Siddhant packs for Kerala*

And cheers to the takeaway while discovering these modern luggage brands that will make you fall for them in a flick.


This lovely brand just goes on to show how you can own a faux leather bag and still not compromise with the exuberance of a genuine leather bag. Aulive offers a versatile range in quality plant based fabrics and leather alternatives. The brand serves timeless designs as their products are made to perfection by craftsmen in the workshop and are engineered to sustain in extreme (read: adventurous) conditions. Pineapple leather, coconut leather, cork are few of the materials used by Aulive that might sound bonkers at first but have constantly delivered one of the finest quality bags in terms of style, design and durability. If you are lucky you might get surprise gifts like keychain or money clippers on your purchase at Aulive. But hey, I didn’t tell you that. 


Assembly is on a journey to reinvent how you look at your luggage by giving you an experience after which you can never look at anything less. Apart from being built by sturdy material and water resistant design, the bags come with exceptional organizers, in-built USB ports, packing aids and the list keeps going. Materials used in Assembly bags are sourced sustainably from local businesses and production is designed to create minimum waste. The bags are made with combined efforts of craftsmen and modern machinery bringing out the best of both worlds providing functionality, durability and style to their products. Look for yourself; I love their functional backpack in rust.

The Burlap People

The Burlap is a bespoke lifestyle brand from Kolkata that has touched the mark in sense of sustainability and responsibility towards the community. The Burlap offers stylish, bespoke, handcrafted bags that are made out of natural materials. The brand employs third and fourth generation artisans that are making bags from materials like hemp, canvas and burlap. Here’s the best part: The Burlap offers extraordinary luxury of end-to-end customizations without any minimum order quantity. This means that you can custom curate the material, size, shape, and colour as per your preference. Umm, a royal blue sachet for me! 

The brand also provides an option to engrave any name or logo on your bags. The good folks at The Burlap host the GiveBackBurlap Program where customers can return their pre-owned products for up-cycling and repair.

As I leave for Kerala in two weeks, I’m convinced that the luggage industry is becoming more conscious & sustainable. Giving back to the community of artisans should be our responsibility as entrepreneurs. With 48.2 Lakhs artisans & craftsmen in the country, our contribution to homegrown businesses is truly, truly the need of the hour. 

Check out & Shop: Aulive, Assembly Luggage & The Burlap People


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