When Marvel & AR Rahman’s collaboration almost went wrong!

by | Nov 18, 2020

“Avengers: Endgame is not just a movie, it’s an emotional journey for fans everywhere in India. An original composition by Oscar winner A.R. Rahman was the perfect way to celebrate the love for Marvel among fans in the country. This is our small way of thanking the fans here for their extraordinary support”, said Bikram Duggal, Head – Studios, Marvel India

Marvel India teamed up with Academy Award winner AR Rahman to compose an anthem that resonates with the Indian fans of the Marvel Franchise. The track was released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages on the first of April.

The release date was being touted to have some significance because the music video wasn’t received well initially and many on the internet believed or wanted to believe that it was an April fool’s prank given the special release date.

“Being surrounded by Marvel fans in my own family, there was too much pressure to come with something really satisfying and apt for Avengers: Endgame. I hope Marvel aficionados and music lovers enjoy the track,” said A.R. Rahman, hoping it would be received well. Unfortunately, A.R. Rahman’s Anthem became a subject of cringe on Twitter with people calling it an embarrassment claiming that it was not of the standard Marvel is at. Many others have poked fun at it creating memes about it all over the internet.

“Managed to listen till the end of the new #marvelanthem by @arrahman & honestly “Disappointing” is an understatement. It was nowhere near @Marvel stds, esp Avengers stds. Sounds more like an IPL anthem lol. Now someone plz tell me it was just an April Fool prank by @MarvelStudios,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I would have preferred spoilers to this crap. Like **f! Why would try to ruin the most awaited movie of this decade for an entire country?,” wrote another.

Although the initial response was disastrous, people started warming up to the song, with the Hindi music video on youtube reaching almost 15 M views and over 500k likes, fans seem to have accepted the Indian anthem for Marvel and a more positive response is being spread across discussions about Marvel Anthem.

Endgame co-director, Joe Russo also spoke about MCU breaking cultural barriers and becoming a diverse phenomenon. “I don’t run Marvel, but I can say that storytelling is becoming diverse. That’s the future of Marvel. The reason I am here is that the audience from across the world has reacted to us. I am certain that different cultures will start seeing themselves represented on screen and will start identifying with characters on screen,” he said.


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